Differences in the Decks, Dice and Games.

This is a comparison of the 3 official Decks and Dice licensed by Lucasfilm and Disney.
Also we are going to talk about the Star Wars Sabacc Shaped Playing Cards.

Han Solo Card Game (HSCG).

Game Style : Corellian Spike Sabacc

Produced by Hasbro in 2017 as a tie-in to the "Solo : A Star Wars Story" movie (interesting the movie wasn't released until May 2018). At the time the name Sabacc was still in a funny place licensing wise so they just went with the "Han Solo Card Game". Most places are out of stock now but you can find a few on Amazon and Ebay.

The game deck is of good quality and size of a standard deck of cards only with lobed off corners. The material is similar to what you would find regular playing cards to be made of.

the cards are light, easy to shuffle and deal well.

The face of the cards have are green or red with numerals at each end that are easy to read, they also have a little triangle to let you know if it's a positive or negative value (pointing up or down respectively). Green Cards are Positive, Red are Negative. The card deck only has one suit (or Stave as they are known in Sabacc) which is fine for most versions of Corellian Spike (because they don't use suits/staves) but that means they cannot be used to play Coruscant Shift Sabacc (because it does make use of the suits/staves). The cards are made to look weathered used and they do.

The dice that come with this game are nice too, engraved and nicer than the ones that come with the Galaxy's Edge deck. Overall it's a very nice starter deck for the occasional recreational player or for play with children (fun way to teach adding and subtracting negative numbers).

The only real downside to the deck is the words Star Wars on the backs of the cars. It totally detracts from the immersion of the game if that is important to you.

The included rules for gameplay are fun and lenient and designed to get you playing an easier version of the game, there is no betting involved but each player wins a token at the end of the game. The winner gets to chose first and so on. You could win the Millennium Falcon!

The Tokens are simple cardboard squares you punch out of a card but they look good and make the game fun, especially for kids. It's a good introduction on how to play Corellian Spike Sabacc just like Han Solo.

Galaxy's Edge Deck (GE).

Game Style : Corellian Spike Sabacc

Manufactured for the Galaxy's Edge Theme Parks and originally sold at the Toydarian Toymaker shops in the parks (now on Ebay and you might find one on Amazon.com)

The cards are slightly larger than the Han Solo Card Game cards (and larger than a standard playing card which means they will not fit in an automatic card shuffler which is unfortunate). The quality of the deck is not so good. The cards themselves are thicker and feel more like cardboard than cardstock. And they feel as though if you bent them too far they would crease unlike real playing cards. They are hard to shuffle and deal.

The face of the cards look smudged and weathered and have the little squares, triangles or circles to indicate their suits (or staves). Because they have the 3 different suits/staves these cards are capable of being used for both Corellian Spike and Coruscant Shift if you have the corresponding dice sets. There are no numerals on the face of the card so you have to count the number of circles, squares or triangles on the card. The 7-8-9 and 10 cards are all "Face" cards and can take some time to learn which on is which.

Below example, -8 of Squares, +7 of Triangles (spikes), +10 of Triangles and -9 of Squares. This hand is Sabacc (these cards total zero).

The back of the cards have the Toydarian logo but that is a lot better than saying "Star Wars".

Overall it's an Okay deck that's nice to have as an "Official Sabacc Deck" but otherwise it's not really worth it. The dice aren't great either, they're painted and not engraved like the Solo dice so they look cheap.

The included rules are for Corellian Spike Sabacc and are a little clearer on gaining, swapping and discarding cards than the HSCG but are otherwise the same.

Galactic Starcruiser Deck (GS).

Game Style : Coruscant Shift Sabacc

Manufactured for the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Adventure and only available from the giftshop onboard the Halcyon Starcruiser (now they are all over Ebay at RIDICULOUS prices).

The cards are the same size as the Galaxy's Edge cards but much thinner. They are the same thickness as regular playing cards. I believe they are made out of some form of clear Lexan or something similar. They bend and flex fantastically and are smooth as silk. If you hold the deck up sideways you can see light thru the cards themselves.

The best way to describe them is "Sexy". They look fantastic, shiny, new, not weathered and dirty looking, these are the cards you would find in the finest casinos like Canto Bight.

The face of the cards are black with the numbers (like the Han Solo deck) and suits/staves along with a nice framing pinstripe in Green or Red to indicate positive and negative cards.

Unlike the HSCG cards the numbers themselves are displayed with or without a negative sign to indicate positive vs negative cards. The 7-8-9 and 10 cards once again have their weird "Faces" but also display the numeral making it much easier to tell them apart! The Sylops (zero cards) are grey on black.

The backs display the Chandrila Star Line logo.

This deck comes with the dice set to play Coruscant Shift, another variant of Sabacc.

The dice are metal, heavy and once again about as beautiful as the deck.

You can use Corellian Spike dice with this deck as well.

Basically owning this deck and both sets of dice would be the perfect setup.

If I had to say one thing negative about this deck it would be that it is almost too slippery.

You have to use caution because it can get away from you and s-l-i-d-e across the table.